Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year!


I have set my new years resolutions! It wasn't that long to do these as they are quite simple ones to do, and I think I can accomplish them:

1. Continue updating my blog every Saturday - I have been waiting for this Saturday since the start of 2016. I am dead set on keeping you guys updated on my blog because I don't think that I did that enough last year.

2. Revise... A lot - This may seem like an easy New Years Resolution, but it isn't. I am the worst procrastinator in my family. I say that I am going to do some revision, but then I either start reading a book or watch Youtube, and the worst part is that I actually need my laptop for my maths revision so I can't get away with not using my laptop...

3. Start writing 2016 instead of 2015 - I'll admit, this one is pretty stupid, but I have a tendency of writing the past year date all through the year of the present year, till December. I did it this year. Whenever I was in school, I would write 2014 instead of 2015 literally, until December. I have only gotten used to writing 2015 and the world decided to be cruel, and changes the year from 2015 to 2016. I even almost published this by writing the date as 02/01/2015... Ooops...

4. Try to be nicer - This one is quite hard for me because I am generally nice to people, but because of my anxiety and depression, I do push people away and if they keep bugging me, then I will be rude to them. I have decided to put this as one of my new years resolutions, although I know you can't change who you are, but I can change how I act.

5. Give my councillor a chance - Some of you might not know how this feels because you may not have a councillor or you actually listen to them, but I don't. I won't open up to her because I don't know if I can trust her. She tries and tries to help me see that I can trust her, by voice recording out sessions instead of writing it down, but it comes with the anxiety and the trust issues. I have to know you for about one or two years before I can trust you with anything.

And now, all of my New Years Resolutions are done, what are yours? Have you even made any? If anyone reads this, let me know in the comments.

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Off The Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer


Hey, so I reviewed another book and there is going to be three more of these reviews coming. I am going to start doing my blog properly in January, so on the 1st January 2016, you will get a review of new makeup I have bought or received. It may be some I bought ages ago, or after Christmas because I am definitely going to be buying some more after christmas.

Along with the blog update! My new book review and what the book looks like. This book is already out so you can go and buy it for £12.99 now at any book store. I don't know about other countries, but I know it is definitely out in the UK.

Off The Page Review:

This book was so amazing. I literally couldn't keep my head out of it. Felt like I was living the fairytale. Some parts of the story felt like I could really connect to Oliver and Delilah. Was such a sweet romance story with the natural couple problems, but that made it feel so much more real. Made me want to find a Genie and wish my favourite character out of a book!

Off The Page Book Covers


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Another book review :)


Hey sleepers, sorry I haven't been very active lately, just having such a hard time at the moment and didn't really feel up to blogging. However, I have just finished reviewing another book and thought you might want to know what it is. I might also not be updating as frequently as I used to, as I have my mock exams in three weeks and have been starting to revise for them.

Anyway, my new book review is below :)

Really love this book! Thought it was so captivating and couldn't put it down. Read it all in a few days and wish I hadn't now. The beginning of the book really traps you into the story and couldn't stop reading it. Definitely recommend this book for people who like a romance with a bit of a twist.

I know it isn't as big of a review as I have done in the past, but couldn't think of much as it is 10.47pm :)

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Just A Quick Note


Hey Sleepers, sorry I haven't been active lately! Been really busy with school and been getting stressed :(. Should be doing that makeup review soon, just have to review some more products and then it will be done. Till then, you guys should really enter this contest if you enjoy Kawaii products!

Kawaii Box Giveaway!

Thanks Sleepers!

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Unbecoming - Jenny Downham (Book Review)


Hey guys, I know on the last blog post I said that I was going to be doing a make up review, but a lot of stuff had happened after I posted that blog, and I was really feeling down and felt like I couldn't come on here and update the blog pretending to be happy, as I don't want to be like that to you guys. I'm feeling slightly better now, but I am happy enough to make a blog post. I recently got another book from the people that I review books for. I thought I would give you guys my review as you may be interested in reading it. I also purchased four new books lately called Deathnote: Black Edition I, Tokyo Ghoul, If I Stay and Where She Went. I fully reccomend all of these books as they are amazing. If you haven't already seen the film, If I Stay, then I also fully recommend that film as well. This is only becuase I thought it really touched my heart and makes you realise how lucky you are to have the things in life that you have.

The book I reviewed this time was called Unbecoming by Jenny Downham. Some of you may know who she is from her other book called Before I Die. In my opinion, I think Jenny is an amazing author, and if you liked her other book then you sure are going to like this one. Below is my review, and I promise I will try to post that make up review, as I also bought some more make up today.

Parts of this book had made me feel like I was lucky to have some of the things I do have. For instance, when Katie met her grandmother, she didn't even know who she was. I felt like I was lucky enough to have a grandmother I knew. This book was so addictive because it would carry some of the story onto different chapters, this meant you would always want to know what happened next. One slight problem I had with this book, was that it was in third person. I usually find books in third person harder to read as they can get confusing sometimes, when they switch between different characters minds. This had made it slightly harder for me to read. I however do recommend this book to anyone who likes any of Jenny Downham's books, or likes books about teen romances.

Thanks for reading :)

I'm awake, and now sleeping x

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Night Owls By Jenn Bennett


Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted anything lately, but I had joined a book review panel called LoveReading4Kids. If you guys are interested in reading books that authors are bringing out, or just generally love reading (like I do), then I would go over and have a look. I'll leave a link below to their website and reviewer panel entry form if you would like to join.

So, the book that I had read was called Night Owls by Jenn Bennett. This book was literally amazing. I couldn't put it down as it was so interesting and had only taken me a week to read the whole thing. Most people may not like books like Night Owls, because it does have a tiny bit of mature content, but not much. It hardly says anything about it. Night Owls had really touched my heart while I was reading it. Instead of being a book that is about happy and successful families, it was the opposite and showed a different side to a life some people have. This book had some really good plot twists, which I'm not going to say anything about as it will ruin the story. This book had made me feel so lucky to have some of the things that I have, as some people like Bex have to work really hard to get what they want. As I'm only 15, I am still in school and don't really have to work at a supermarket or anything like that because I have school and exams to concentrate on, which will help me with my jobs in the future, but Bex/Beatrix had to work silly hours just to get what she wanted in life. The main thing that I liked about this story, was how Beatrix and the boy Jack met. This was because it was a mysterious setting and was different to how people would normally meet, by bumping into eachother. My favourite characters in this story have to be Heath, who is Beatrix's brother, and Jack. I really like Heath because even though he doesn't get mentioned in the story much, it makes him be more mysterious and different. I also like Jack because I feel he brought a really mysterious feel, but also a romantic feel to the book. While reading this book, I started to realise that this happened to be one of the best books that I had read in a while, and would willingly to re-read it all over again. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that likes the romantic/mystery/drama type books, as this has it all. Jenn Bennett manages to make you feel so many different emotions while reading this book, that it is a must-have book.

Above is my review of the book Night Owls by Jenn Bennett. The book comes out in August 2015 so if you want to buy the book, you know when you are able to purchase it. In my next blog post, I will be reviewing some new make-up that I have been trying in June and this month. I will probably post that Monday or Tuesday. If not any of those days, it will be within the rest of the week. Sorry this blog post was so short. It was my book review of the book I am reading. You will probably see more of these :). And below is what Night Owls will look like when it comes out.

I'm awake, and now Sleeping :)

LoveReading4Kids Website

LoveReading4Kids Reviewer Panel

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Pets and Make-Up Routine!


Recently, I got two guinea pigs. One is named Sc (what I'm going to call this one), and the other is Dill (what I am going to call this one). Sc, who is mine, is black with white spots whereas Dill, who is my sisters, is light brown with white spots. We got the guinea pigs about two or three weeks ago now, and they are the best thing ever! They may wee and poo on my sister, but they are really cool, as they stay outside and you can sit there and watch them run around inside their hutch. We also put them on the grass, with two baby rabbits, which my mum, dad, sister and me look after over the weekends and holidays for her school she works in. Luckily, they get along fine and will play around with each other and jump on each other. It is even funnier when my dog, Sm (what I am going to call her), runs around the cage they are in when on the grass, and acts like she is trying to round them up. One of the rabbits who is only 8 or 9 weeks old, can also fit through the bars on the cage, so whenever we have them on the grass in our garden, we have to make sure that he doesn't get free. It has now got to the point where his sister is also trying to get out through the bars as she has been watching him do it.

The other section that I am going to do on this blog is my make-up routine, which is going to tell you the brushes I use and what products. I will also leave a link to the products I use.

First, I start by obviously washing my face and putting on some cleanser or face wash. This helps my face stay clean and fresh. I use the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Cleansing Gel. Then I will apply a small, pea size amount of Collection Lasting Perfection, in the shade Ivory to my hand. I will then take my Real Techniques buffing brush and blend it into my face in circular motions. I only add a small bit of foundation to my face, because it makes it last longer on my skin. I then take the Maybelline Fit Me concealer, in the shade Medium and apply it to my blemishes and any redness on my face. I will blend this in with a Real Techniques deluxe crease brush. After I have applied my concealer, I take my Real Techniques powder brush and apply Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder, which is only one shade to my t-zone and any other places where my make-up comes off first. Next I start on my eyes. I will apply Bourjois Smoky Eyes Eye-shadow Trio in the shade Gris Party. I take the white and apply it all over my lid with a Real Techniques base brush, then take a small brush and apply some black into the crease of my eyelid, and blend it with my base brush. This creates me a small smoky eye look. I will then take a Bourjois Paris Stylo Eye Liner Pencil in the shade Ultro Black. I put this above my eyelashes, on and under my water line, so that it makes a dark line all around my eyes. I will also use a liquid eye-liner to go over the pencil on the eyelid to make it last longer, so that it won't rub off. I set the eye-liner with the black eye-shadow by using a Real Techniques accent brush and compact it in. Sometimes, I will also apply a small amount of Maybelline Great Lash mascara, in the shade Blackest Black. This also makes my eyes slightly darker. I may also use a setting spray if I am going out for a long time, or will put my powder in my bag for any touch-ups through out the day.